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Fiji Earns Top Holiday Systems International Reviews

Unlike other travel destinations that can be hit or miss, Fiji consistently receives high praise in Holiday Systems International reviews. While our policy of comprehensively reviewing and vetting each destination and resort certainly helps, the island nation itself plays a huge role in pleasing travelers.


For instance, Fiji is home to tropical beaches and warm climates, but it’s also characterized by amazing mountain highlands with scenic vistas and traditional villages that look a lot like they did centuries ago. This dichotomy makes Fiji tourists swoon with delight as they get to experience both ends of the spectrum.


Fiji is also a destination where different Asian and Western cultures blend. As a result, it hosts numerous festivals every year, and the landscape is dotted with various temples, art and architecture. Many of the travelers who experience this dream location provide raving Holiday Systems International Reviews, and use Fiji as a starting point for longer tours of the Pacific.

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